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Reach top fans and people like them

Target friend networks with Facebook, Instagram and Twitter ads. Quantify social ROI by integrating sales data with social ad audiences.

Amplify the friend network effect

Consumers look to their friends to help them make purchases. No one goes to a game, concert or shopping spree alone. Go beyond demographic and location segmentation by targeting friend networks.

Distill your most connected fans and micro-target them and their friends with relevant social ads. Create high quality Lookalike audiences of your top fans to expand your reach to new leads while maintaining optimal conversion rates.

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Dynamically Rank Your Fans

Tradable Bits 5-Star Fan Algorithm automatically distills the best fans in your network based on connections, profile completion, participation and profitability.

  • Compile your fans across all social, email and e-commerce systems
  • Automatically rank your fans from 1-to-5 stars with our learning algorithm
  • Generate custom audiences that sync in real-time with Facebook and Twitter

Simplify Ad Management

Creating ads on our platform eliminates the complexity and constant UI changes involved in Facebook and Twitter's ad creation tools

  • Track attribution for online and offline (other devices, in-store locations) conversions
  • Easily review your target audience at any time and optimize targeting as you go
  • Update your ad creative, copy, links and target throughout your campaign

Expand into Quality Audiences

Increase your social ad ROI by reaching relevant friends in your fan network or generating high-quality Lookalike audiences of your top performing customers.

Tradable Bits helps us build our Whitecaps fan community - but most importantly, they bring new fans to our game.
- Adam Rootman, Digital Manager, Vancouver Whitecaps FC

Remove Buyers in Real-Time

Never waste money on ads to fans that already converted. Integrate your ad audiences with e-commerce in real-time to ensure you only pay to reach potential buyers.

Quantify Your Social ROI

Automatically cross reference your sales and ad audience data to calculate exact ROI for your social ads. Reveal top performing campaigns in real-time to optimize spend.

Automated Social Ad Audiences

Purchasing Data from Social

Identify your most profitable fans and ensure you never pay to reach someone who already bought. Amplify the network effect by targeting friends of fans that buy right after they complete their purchase.

Five-Star Ranking Algorithm

Automatically rank fan profiles in Fan CRM with our advanced learning algorithm. Continuously compare fans to each other for an always-accurate list of your most connected and profitable fans.

Exact Real-Time ROI Reporting

Cross reference sales data from your e-commerce platform with social ad audiences in real-time to calculate your exact return on investment. Identify top performing campaigns and adjust your budget.

Improve your social ad ROI today!

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